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HTF Commission



The Commission serves as the loan committee for the San Luis Obispo County Housing Trust Fund (HTF).  The HTF's Bylaws dictate that the Commission have between seven and eleven members.  These members include representatives from the local governments that provide financial support to the HTF, the San Luis Obispo Supportive Housing Consortium and others who are concerned about affordable housing. 

In addition to reviewing and recommending action on individual loan applications, the Commission advises the Board of Directors and provides community input concerning the HTF's programs, policies and procedures.  Additional information on the Commission can be found in Article VIII of the HTF's Bylaws.

The job description for Commissioners is available online.  So is the agreement that we ask Commissioners to sign, along with the HTF's Code of Ethics.

The HTFs Program Guidelines, Underwriting Guidelines and Instructions for Applicants are also available online.  These are reviewed by the Commission and updated by the Board periodically.

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